Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunshine love.

I am diggin' this sunshine, y'all. I have been playing lots of basketball with roommate B and boyfriend M on the courts at our apartment, roommate J and I have been taking walks around the lake, and roommate B, roommate H and I all spent our Monday morning soaking up the sun on the patio at our favorite coffee shop. With all the warmth (it's 80+ degrees here!), I have a huge craving to go to the Farmer's Market all morning and spend the whole afternoon at the pool.

Unfortunately, because it has been so gorgeous outside, I have not been productive with school. As if I am going to be cramped up inside doing research and writing reports when I could be outside with the sun on my shoulders - psh. But according to my advisor at my advising appointment today, I sort of really need to be serious with my courses so I can graduate on time (instead of continuing to take out loans worth thousands of dollars just so I can nap whenever/party whenever/and do all of the aforementioned sunshine-y activities whenever). It's bittersweet - and actually mostly just depressing - that I only have 36 hours of credit left. I freaking love this place. (But that's another story for another day.)

In celebration of this weather, boyfriend M and I are off to enjoy a couple cones of ice cream...

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