Sunday, March 4, 2012

A quick update.

This weekend was so lovely! My dad and I went to this crowded underground restaurant and had Italian crepes. I spent my Saturday afternoon at a food & farming festival learning how to make winter soups more flavorful (the key is a bouquet garni!) and the basics of canning. I am going to begin canning next month when the farmer's market opens and I can get the freshest berries. I can't wait to can pumpkin next fall so that I can make a loaf of pumpkin bread in March when I am really craving it. Or a pumpkin birthday cake in June! After the festival mom & I met up for fancy cocktails and then we went to see the movie "Wanderlust." The plot was sub-par, but I barely noticed because of how hilarious it is. I didn't even know I could like a Jennifer Aniston movie. Today we all went to church and then laid in the hammock basking in the spring sunshine.

This coming week is going to be insane - in such a good way. I was selected as a volunteer for a local week-long fashion show, and I am so excited to be a part of this city-wide philanthropic effort. Sandwiched in between the volunteering is an interview and the wedding of my fiancé's best friend!

Posting is going to continue to be slow, but I hope I can get the chair DIY up soon. And of course, I will be taking you all on my canning adventures.

I am off to enjoy more sunshine. I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend - cheers to a happy & productive week!!

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