Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let them attempt cake.

I am newly obsessed with The Sweetest Occasion and stumbled across this pretty cake with glitter bunting idea after scouring The Sweetest Occasion archives for minutes (or hours). I blocked out the afternoon yesterday to make glitter bunting and a homemade red velvet cheesecake with homemade cream cheese frosting. Very funny.

1. The glitter kept falling off the bunting I made. 2. Thought I had the ingredients for homemade cream cheese frosting, but realized an ingredient was missing once I returned from the store. 3. So I looked up a recipe for a just a plain white & creamy icing - those words were actually Googled - and found a decent one. Made it and it flopped. It tasted like icing, but look like clumpy toothpaste. Not cute. 4. Succumbed to artificial chocolate frosting. 5. Carried the cake all over the house for a decent picture, but gave up after ten minutes and devoured a big slice. 6. It was a little dry + crumbly, but I spent the afternoon making everything so I was going to love it.

And you know, with a big glass of cold milk, it wasn't half bad. (Isn't the socket + roll of paper towels in the background of the second picture charming?) I think I'll leave this creative-in-the-kitchen stuff up to The Sweetest Occasion, though. (Martha Stewart, call me if you want me on your next show.)

Off to have a slice of the Sahara for breakfast. Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. thanks so much for introducing me to that website...

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