Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye, 2011. Hello, 2012!

I love January: the frosty air filling your lungs, the promise of change, a fresh slate. 2011 was the best year of my life so far.

In January, Mark & I traveled to Denver to celebrate him graduating from the university where we met. In February, Mark surprised me after a really crummy day. Mid-March, my sister, Mark & I traveled by train to Illinois for "spring break". I was super busy during the spring semester of 2011, but right before finals week, I squeezed in a trip to Memphis for Memphis in May with my family. At the end of May, when finals were over and the air smelled like summer, my dad took my sister & me to New Mexico to relax in the magnitude of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. In June, I worked for a fabulous event coordinator as an intern, went on a picnic with my love, and turned 22. In July, my mom, aunts and I went to Portland, where my sister lived for three months. (Trip here and here.) In August, my friend Alex came to visit, and in September I went to visit my little sister in Tennessee. October was very busy: Mark and I celebrated our fourth anniversary, the lovely Suzy re-designed my blog with a beautiful layout, and one of my step-sisters got married. November came with surprise flowers and a sweet Thanksgiving with family. In December, I got the heebie-jeebies about graduating and then graduated with tons of family and a few bittersweet tears. At the end of December I celebrated Christmas with my family and Mark. Then, on December 30th, my life changed forever with some sparkly huge news...which I will post about tomorrow. The suspense, right? On New Year's Eve, several friends and I toasted with champagne, went out for pizza, and kissed our loves under fireworks.

My goals for 2012 - because resolutions are tricky - are to get organized, be inspired, wash my face daily (I'm so bad at this!), go on adventures, and laugh a lot. That, and constantly challenge myself.

I hope 2012 is off to a brilliant start for all of you. What are your goals or resolutions? Are you excited for 2012?

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