Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today I'm woolgathering.

Hello! I'm blogging from the Corporate Coffee Giant this morning. I cannot resist their salted caramel mochas. I've been craving autumn treats and drinks all week. My stomach may or may not be like, "Yo. Are you going to keep inhaling all this sugary crap or...?"

Earlier this week at work (the dessert shop), I asked my boss if we could make popcorn covered caramel apples. Her reply? "You genius! Yes. This is going to be the best dessert ever!" And then there were lots of high-fives and hugs. Just kidding. It was more like: "Hey, there's an idea! We can try it. I'll pick up some popcorn tomorrow." Ultimately we decided on kettle corn and made the treats Tuesday. Holy best dessert ever, Batman. It was so sweet, crunchy - and had a slight bite because of the Granny Smiths we used.

Then, last night, I went over to my friend's apartment and we made apple cider cocktails and watched The New Girl. (My major obsession with Zooey is slightly waning, only because everyone is obsessed with her now. Doesn't it kill you that I am that girl?) Anyway! The cocktail. The base is apple cider, with a splash of gold-spiced rum, a dash of lemon juice, and tons of maple syrup (I'll let you decide what that last measurement means. Maybe I love maple syrup). We drank them chilled, but they would be delicious warmed on the stove, too.

Last week the temperature floated around 65° (and I wore scarves!), so, understandably, I started to get cozy for the fall. Then, bam - today the high is 91°! GO AWAY. But there was this dream of fall last night.

Is anyone like, "Where is this post going...?"

Or is anyone wondering, "What in the world is woolgathering?"

So the dream. I was on a hayride with my boyfriend, and we were snuggled up in plaid blankets drinking warm drinks. The conductor of the hayride started telling spooky stories and it made a little boy cry. My boyfriend and I were roaring with laughter at this poor little boy, and then I woke up. Isn't that so deranged? Who laughs at a crying kid? Apparently we do.

Thursdays are the mornings I get to sleep in, so I snuggled deeply under the covers, knitting my eyebrows at my bizarre dream. My mind drifted and I began daydreaming of hayrides (save for the disconcerted kid), and sitting by a fire place, and the smell of pine cones and the plumpness of pumpkins. Then, I fell asleep again, and I dreamt my boyfriend and I were riding horses in the mountains and the air smelled like autumn. It was the perfect dream and I sleepily grinned at how much fun it would be to go horseback riding against a canvas of orange and red trees. I got out of bed, but kept daydreaming of all the fall things I want to do. Visions of pumpkin patches swirled in my head.

Eventually I turned my laptop on, read a few e-mails, checked my Facebook, etc. And, since I'm a nerd, I checked the word of the day on like I do every morning.

Woolgathering. But of course.

"Woolgathering (n): indulgence in idle fancies and in daydreaming."

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  1. I'm so jealous about the salted caramel mochas you've been drinking... can you believe that there isn't a Starbucks where I live? I can't. And thanks for the word of the day, I'll have to find a way to work that into conversation somehow.