Monday, June 20, 2011

Squeee! Best friend time.

I spent the entire Saturday with my two very best/favorite friends from high school.

We have all moved away from our hometown since high school, but we able to coordinate a mini-trip to get together for (a very short) 24 hours!

Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market and to a few eccentric shops. Then we stopped for lunch at a little Greek haunt (a high school staple) and had spicy feta dip with pita. After lunch we dropped by an old friend's downtown apartment and got the scoop on our classmates from our graduating class. In the afternoon, we lounged around the pool. We drank wine and watched the dogs swim (hilarious!). Then we went to a little get together my mom was hosting at her house. We drank sangria and told stories from our high school days that my mom never knew. To end the perfect day, we went out for queso and margaritas.

We seriously laughed the entire day. At one point, ADP said "I'll never have to do Jillian Michaels again because I just got a four pack." (ADP, I know you're reading - my loyal follower - so can I say really quickly: I'm laughing by myself right now thinking of you dancing/making faces in MA's basement.)

Here are a few pictures from Saturday:

It was so, so good to catch up with ADP and MA. I wish we could do it weekly!

And while I was out with ADP and MA, my little sister was going for a naked bike ride with thousands of other Portlanders. (Is that their demonym?) She's totally living in Portlandia.

Can't wait to see ADP & MA again! And can't wait to visit sister in July!

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