Monday, May 2, 2011

Memphis in May!

It's finals week! I studied all weekend. I went to Memphis in May with my parents, sister, and aunt. The line-up was incredible.

As we were presenting our tickets, we had our bags checked. I opened my camera case to show the bag checker my Nikon Coolpix P100. Security came over and told me I couldn't bring my camera inside. I started to protest when the security finished, "...but I'll let it slide this time. Don't bring it tomorrow."

At least I got a few pictures of Everclear.

Unfortunately, Cake was playing at the same time as Everclear, so I didn't get to see Cake perform "(Going) The Distance." After Everclear we watched a little bit of MGMT and then crashed at the hotel.

Saturday we went to eat at a Memphis-staple restaurant called Soul Fish Cafe. A+ fish tacos, Soul Fish.

After lunch, we walked down to a non-profit cat adoption agency called The House of Mews. I love cats + they creep me out at the same time. (Side note: I had a black cat for 8 years that I loved so ridiculously much, but when she died, I kind of stopped liking cats.) (Side note part 2: Cats creep me out because all they do is lay around and glare.)

We stayed in the cat shop a little too long and then went and grabbed coffee. We headed downtown around 5pm and grabbed drinks before going to Memphis in May for Day 2.

My sister and I went to the Mumford & Sons concert. Best show all weekend.

Later we took a break from the concert and grabbed cheesecake (yes, our family loves snacking and drinking) at The Cheesecake Corner. We enjoyed a bottle of French lemonade and individual slices of cheesecake. (We had to all get different flavors so we could sample a bite from each!)

We walked back down to the festival in a cheesecake coma and watched John Mellencamp. I love John Mellencamp. Mom raised me that way. But seriously? I was so disappointed. He didn't even come out for an encore, if that tells you how his performance went.

We woke up Sunday ready for Cee Lo Green and Sublime. We went and had lunch at Bosco's (best garlic parmesan fries ever!) and realized the weather was getting bad. So instead of seeing Cee Lo Green and Sublime, we headed home. We had to pull over several times because of the heavy rainfall/strong wind/hail. Funnels began rotating in Memphis soon after we left. I'm sad I missed Sublime (one of my favorite bands of all time); it's better to be safe, though. Obvs.

I feel like I am using a lot of parentheses, so I'm going to stop. My brain is half-fried from studying all day.

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  1. Wow, that sounds amazing!! I would love to see Mumford and Sons live! All of the good sounds wonderful too :)
    Glad you headed home early, safety is much more important!
    It's so cool that your parents went as well, mine would never do that!