Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm back! Promise!


Thanks to my unintentional break from the blog, I've gotten so much accomplished.

Remember when I was wigging out about what the crap to do with my life? Well, the opportunity to work in Portland, Oregon folded. So I went to plan B. Find an internship + place to live in the same big city as boyfriend M. Mission accomplished.

But remember when I worked an unpaid internship last summer for 3 months and I was like, "You're crazy if you think I'm doing that again." Well, I'm the crazy one. Because I'm doing that again. But this time it's not with a corporation. It's local. It's genuine. And it's not near as many hours. Plus, my boss said she'll pay me in espresso. I'm leaving my part-time job at the dessert shop, but my boss there said I am welcome to come back in the fall when school starts. Yahoo! So since this new internship doesn't pay and since I'm temporarily quitting the dessert shop (because it'll be in a different city), I spent the week applying for part time jobs. Oh, and moving out of my infested apartment. Needless to say - I'm pretty exhausted.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and let you all know I didn't mean to go completely AWOL. Back to regularly scheduled programming now.

PS: Remember when my face started breaking out really bad? Remember when I consumed copious amounts of Red Bull during the hours the rest of the world was sleeping? Okay, maybe not, but you may remember me gearing up for 6 exams slash really freaking out. Well - just sayin' - I kind of kicked butt and made all the grades I wanted to make.

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