Monday, April 4, 2011


Holy crap. My to-do list is a bajillion miles long. Secure a summer internship, find a an apartment for the summer, clean out my car, plan best friend/roommate J's birthday cook-out, etc. And I'm enrolled in 18 credit hours. I'm only getting a Bachelor of Science degree, but I'm one of those people who gets overwhelmed easily. So 18 credit hours feels more like I'm trying to get a JD, a PhD, and an MBA all at once. Slight exaggeration.

This week - excluding exams, projects, and the big job hunt - is super fun-filled! Back in the fall a group of girlfriends and I bought tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert. I'm not a huge radio fan, but Lady Gaga has a few great songs that I love to dance to. And can you imagine the people watching? So this week is the Lady Gaga concert, a Thai dinner date with my Finnish friend, and the celebration of J's 22nd birthday.

The weekend was great! Friday boyfriend M and I went to dinner with a few friends. Saturday morning we did the Heart Walk and I got to meet a super sweet blogger! It was a very sunny morning and we enjoyed walking with thousands of people for a wonderful cause (and especially for the cause of our team!). After the Walk, M and I went out for brunch and then played Frisbee and softball/catch. Later, we had milkshakes at dinner and then went out for drinks with friends. Sunday morning I slept in and went out for lunch on the river with best friend/roommate J.

Back to the books. Hope you all have a great Monday!

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  1. It sounds like you have a lovely week planned! I am the same with my credit hours..anything over 15 and I am completely overwhelmed! This semester I was supposed to have 30 hours..for a bachelor of primary teaching..needless to say I went part-time :)