Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This morning I read the cutest article during my statistics class on The New York Times online. It's a Dining & Wine article about New York City baristas wearing kitschy hats as hair restraints while serving espresso. If I were a barista in New York City (hello, dream job -- seriously!), these are the "crowns" I would wear:

A gorgeous wool cloche cap from Anthropologie in "neutral motif".

A slouchy beanie from Urban Outfitters.

A unique Brixton Fiddler cap from Urban Outfitters.

A winter cap from Target with bright-colored tassels. (I actually got this in my stocking for Christmas!)

Or, I'd e-mail Naomi from rockstar diaries and ask for suggestions, since she seems to always be wearing pretty hats. (She even rocks Krispy Kreme hats!)

Oh, and if I were a New York City barista, I'd get the tattoo I've always wanted. But until then, I don't think "mad skin tags" (SNL reference, anyone?) fit the bill for my little ol' un-cool lifestyle.

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