Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Update.

Hi. I didn't mean to abandon you all. M came to visit, so I've spent the last several days curled up with him.

Thursday morning I went to speak with my mechanical equipment/facility management professor regarding my grade in his class. (Say that five times fast.) See, I've never been the school-type. I chime "C's get degrees!" when confronted about my average grades. I love to learn, but not in classroom settings. And I definitely don't love learning about HVAC systems and thermodynamics, which is why I have a less-than-average grade in my mechanical equipment/facility management class. So I made my professor some white chocolate covered mint chocolate chip cookies with green and red non-pareils, packaged them in pretty cellophane and marched into his office. After our discussion, it was clear that he won't be passing me. I was too ashamed to give him the goodies, so I left, drove around town with the windows down and the Beatles blaring, and munched on the cookies that couldn't save me.

But then M came and wiped my tears and I didn't think about my crummy mechanical class again. (Next semester, though, when I'm retaking it, I don't think I'll be as apathetic.)

Friday M and I went out for donuts, made homemade pizza, watched The Grinch, and oh, you know, looked at engagement rings (!!!). It was our first time and it was so exciting. I told a few close friends, my mom, and little sister H. I received some very sweet and encouraging words, but I loved when my sister said: "You are SO lucky! I love him!" M and I have taken to calling the rings "sparklers" and we decided we could spend forever looking at them. Of course I don't know when I will be proposed to, but I'm thinking in the next year or so I'll have a "sparkler" on my finger. Yes - I'mstillfreakingout.

Saturday morning we watched "Elf" with roommate J. Saturday afternoon we went went out for hot chocolate and went shopping. M bought me a pair of soft, plaid pajamas that I may or may not be living in for the next week. Saturday evening we went ice skating and then to a local nearby bar. We played shuffleboard and drank margaritas. Afterward we drove around town marveling over the Christmas lights hung on all the homes and dreamt of the lights we'll one day string on our own home.

It was a very blissful weekend. Tomorrow (Monday) is the beginning of finals week at my university, so I don't know how often I'll get to blog. My posts may be even more sporadic than last week! Don't worry, though - if I need a study break, I'll be sure to visit all of your beautiful blogs. (My preferred method of procrastination; Blogger is way more fun to browse than Facebook will ever be!)

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

(I hope there are some SNL fans out there, or else my blog post title and "sign off" will not be as clever as I had wished for.)

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  1. looking at sparklers?! swoon. so simultaneously happy for you and yes, a little bit jealous. this man of yours sounds lovely. i hope the class goes better next go round.