Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick hey!

Um, I'd love to blog about my celebratory weekend, but I've been busy with a froyo date with mom/step-dad, an intramural volleyball game, doing accounting homework until 1:30am, work, laundry, and attempting to get organized. Oh, and midterms are here. I may or may not be reading really good blogs instead of preparing for said midterms. When my week has fizzled some, I'll be back with stories from my weekend with M! (Even though I said I was hoping to switch it up some.)

Two things:

1. Starbucks, why do you have a drink called "Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate"...? You know I'm a sucker for anything salty and you know I am trying to
quit you.

2. My favorite quote from the weekend -
M and I were at a soda shop (that offers hundreds of cold, unique-flavored sodas!) and he says, in all seriousness, that if there were a zombie apocalypse and everything became deserted, he would come to the soda shop and drink all the different flavors for free. I love him.

You're welcome in advance for the exhilarating post!

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