Monday, October 25, 2010

My very lovely weekend.

Monday already, huh? Boyfriend M has been visiting since Wednesday evening, and we had a divine time just being together. Long-distance relationships are difficult! I cried when he left early Sunday afternoon, but then again, I always cry. I feel like it should get easier - it doesn't.

While M was here we did the crossword puzzle over coffee and quiche (we did this for three different breakfasts!), walked around campus/downtown holding hands, went shopping, watched a lot of football, snuggled during an evening storm, ate a big pepperoni pizza, had late drinks downtown, and laughed a thousand times. I began to miss him as soon as he pulled away to drive home.

After M left, I felt overdue for some major girl-time. I spent Sunday afternoon/evening with roommate H. We went to our favorite sushi restaurant (they begin the meal with hot hand towels and end the meal with Andes mints!) and had delicious spicy rolls. For (even more) dessert we had truffles and cranberry-pineapple sangria from my vacation in Michigan. While nibbling our candy and sipping our fruity sangria, we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and brainstormed for roommate H's upcoming-birthday.

The chilled sangria that warmed our cheeks and bellies: I know, I know, the quality of the picture is riveting. (Thanks, Blackberry!)

The only disappointing thing about the past few days is that both of my teams lost. This is actually pathetic:

Hope you all have an easy Monday! I'm off to grab a piping hot mocha with double espresso.

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