Thursday, September 2, 2010

Corny things make me happy.

This week in my international beverage education class, my French-English professor was discussing terroir when he paused, pretended to sip from a wine glass, smacked his lips and said, "This is very bitter." Then he pretends to be a European sommelier and says in his best French accent, "But monsieur, it's the terroir." Back in the role of the (American) man tasting the wine, he quips: "No, no, no, sir, that is not terroir. That is bullshit." And he doubles over laughing.

Many students have called this professor an "arrogant asshole", but I find him endearing. (I think he's secretly a big softy.) He loves to reminiscence out loud about summer evenings spent on his porch cozied up in a hammock with a bottle of red as he dozes under the stars. And even if he is an arrogant asshole, at least he's a funny one.

Quirky professors help me get through long weeks of quizzes, general ledgers/trial balances, case briefs, etc. Plus, this professor let me in on a little secret: Hogue Riesling. Which also gets me through the aforementioned elements of a long week.

Other things that get me through long weeks: riding my bike, going out for late-night appetizers with my roommates, volunteering at the humane society with my roommates, planning "vacation" with boyfriend M, and counting down the hours until the first football game.

As I mentioned in a post last week, boyfriend M has to come to the city where I attend school once a week for a methods class he is taking. So before his class we go out on a date. Since we ate far too much last week (and because seeing each other is rare right now, like a vacation), we decided to call our weekly dinners "vacation". Since boyfriend M has never tried Greek food (what?!), we're vacationing to the Mediterranean tonight to a little Greek cafe. (Mmm, falafel.) I can't wait to see him and - as goofy as it sounds - I can't wait to walk around downtown holding hands.

See? The little things make me feel overwhelmingly happy. Corny jokes and corny hand holding.

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