Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9-4: Heels, yawns & scones.

I had no trouble prancing around in my black peep-toe pumps from 9-4, but how do you all keep from yawning a million times between morning coffee and your lunch break, have energy to do anything after work and then muster plans for the weekend? I will definitely be pouring myself a cup of ambition a la Dolly Parton for my next shift.

This morning I woke up at 7:15 after almost 8 hours of sleep, showered/made myself presentable, drove the 40-ish minute commute, sat through orientation (videos + tour of the property + paperwork) from 9-4, drove the 40-ish minute commute back home and wanted to collapse onto my queen-sized bed with the fan on high and the shades drawn...for the next 15 hours. Instead I went to dinner with my mom and went shopping with her after, but I couldn't stop yawning!

This weekend one of my absolute best friends who got married/moved to Houston is visiting and I can't wait to see her! I just hope I don't crash in her arms from exhaustion. (Do you all want me to keep complaining about how tired I am or was mentioning it for the 30th time probably enough?) Aside from plans to play with her, I am also working a shift or two and going to one of my little sister's high school graduation parties.

After the first day, I've come to these conclusions:

Pros: I get to wear cute pencil skirts daily, I am eligible for the spa-just-down-the-hall-from-my-office discounts (I can get a $80 hot stone massage for $50), the place of my employment is next door to a local coffee shop that has the most sweet, crumbly scones, (Day 1 and I've already tried their coffee and scones - duh. PS: I will stand for the mediocre coffee since their scones are so heavenly), the people I work with are really resourceful/kind, and my supervisor is flexible with my schedule.

Cons: It's unpaid. But I was hired for a little catering job on the side this past Monday morning, so I can still make some money. Oh, and the scones that are next door; sugary scones almost at my disposal + fitness competition with my roommate = con.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons and I can't wait to learn the workings of sales/catering/banquets throughout my internship. (Yes, I'm one of those eager-beaver types.)

I hope you all will come along this summer journey with me; I'll be writing about being a young intern at a huge hotel and convention center often. And I'll be keeping you all posted on my big fat summer to-do list.

Happy late Wednesday! We're closer to the weekend now.

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