Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend love.

Another glorious weekend. Casual and low-key, but fabulous nonetheless.

Friday: Roommate lunch; it had been for-ev-er (Sandlot style) since we had all four gotten together and had a meal. We had bagel sandwiches. Went out and bought red lipstick. Spent the evening at the theatre on campus watching a student-performance of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (and silently applauded myself for buying red lipstick earlier since every actress was wearing it and their lips looked absolutely glamorous). Laughed really hard at several parts, especially because a girl in the same row as me had the cutest laugh and was dying laughing at the subtle humor in the play. Bought a cute Millie magnet at intermission. Made fun of roommate H as she tap-danced to the car post-play. Went to a house party next door that was busted only a little after midnight. Yawn, goodnight.

Saturday: Another lunch at the bagel cafe, this time with boyfriend M. Stop at Farmer's Market; wander around, don't buy the loaf of jalapeno cheese bread that I wanted. Curse self. Spend the afternoon washing and folding three loads of laundry. Parents come into town; parents, boyfriend M and I go out for dessert. Went back to the hotel where parents were staying and watched the auctioneer program, a local TV show that showcases and then sells junk based on call-in bidding. Parents and I do lots of prank calls and laugh like hyenas until a guest in the next hotel room pounds on the wall and tells us to shut up, which makes us laugh even harder. (Last year I watched it with my friends and I prank called in and bought a jack hammer for bestie JLH for $180; they called her constantly to collect the money and it took them weeks to stop calling. I still owe you, JLH.)

Sunday: Wake up and go to favorite coffee shop to have coffee and muffins with parents. Take them on a tour of my college town. Swing by boyfriend M's place and go out for Mexican food. Hug parents, "see you in two weeks!", part ways. Then, the strangest thing happened. I decided I was going to go buy a pair of coral/orangey pointy high heels I have been stalking (I went into the store twice, maybe 3 times, prior to Sunday to try them on and pet them and admire them), tried them on, strutted around the store, and said "I don't love these." I didn't buy them. It was so bizarre; I had been wanting them for weeks, I had the money to buy them,...but I didn't take them home with me. I left them in the store for someone else to stalk, try on, pet, and admire. For dinner there was another roommate meal - yay! - this time with the addition of bestie JLH, who is finally home from her internship in Florida. It had been months since all five of us had gone out to eat. We had Texas Roadhouse; it was decent. I just liked sitting in the booths with all my besties. Finished the weekend with a game of basketball with boyfriend M and two guys named Wesley and Brian, who were hilarious Africans who had a rich accent. They kicked our butts but were impressed with our three point shots. Afterward they invited us to a cookout their group of friends was having but we declined telling them we had already eaten. Boyfriend M and I shot a few more hoops before declaring ourselves exhausted. As we walked back to the apartments, past Wes-a-lee (the way Brian pronounced Wesley's name) and Brian's cookout with African mamba music, I smiled. I smiled at the cool air blowing onto our sweaty faces, the way boyfriend M was squeezing my hand, the friendliness of Wesley and Brian - all the simple things that make me love the weekend.

Tonight I am excited to go on a date with boyfriend M: viewing a documentary about a Ugandan orphan and enjoying coney hot dogs afterward.

This week is busy; last-minute papers and projects before finals week, summer internship paperwork, eleven course dinner Thursday evening (stay tuned for that recap!), and babysitting as a favor for my friend AP who cannot stay with the family that day because she is graduating (congrats, AP!).

Hope your Monday is off to a good start; beginning mine with an iced mocha and a trip to the bicycle shop downtown.

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