Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend recap.

Back in one of our favorite booths sipping iced mochas with roommate H. How was everyone's Easter? I adored my hometown getaway!

Friday evening I met up with my dad and cousin (who was visiting from Minneapolis) for pizza and froyo. After dessert we headed back to my dad's house and listened to old records while showing my cousin pictures from our European vacation last summer.

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to the first Farmer's Market of the season. Bliss. The weather was awesome - low 70's with lots of sunshine. The Square (where the market is held) looked beautiful. There were farmers selling spring bouquets wrapped in paper, children holding bright red balloons, buskers strumming the guitar and playing drums on a bucket, coffee being made fresh in a white tent, homemade jewelry displayed on tables, and lots of happy families with dogs, smooching couples, and sweet little old ladies gossiping near the beets.

Elephant exhibit @ the market

While I realize this is not creepy in my opinion extremely creepy, I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this bright, curly red-headed cutie with chubby freckly cheeks.

Then, Saturday afternoon I went for a 15 mile bike ride. In the evening I went shopping and out for sushi with mom and little sister H. We sat on the patio with the live band laughing hysterically at our own jokes and eating gyoza. Later we went to Target (mom got me the cutest scarf!) and out for coffee. Around 10 we went to go pick up my step-dad, who was returning from Washington, at the airport. Aside from the PDA between my mom and step-dad (okay, to be fair, they hadn't seen each other in a week...and it was kind-of cute), my Saturday was perfect.

Sunday was Easter - duh. I went to a church service with my dad; at the end of the service a man played the intro to "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes. The band sang the first verse (while the bagpipes played) and then the congregation joined for the rest of the song. It was powerful and made me cry. For lunch I met up with mom, my step-dad, little sis H, my step-sisters, and my grandmother. We shared bowls of black bean dip and queso; for lunch I had a lox bagel sandwich - yum. I wasn't ready to leave when lunch was over but I was excited to get back to my apartment and see my roommates and boyfriend M.

My week is going to be super busy! Lots of tests and papers, internship interviews*, ice cream date with boyfriend M, roommate J's 21st birthday, and Chef Event**.

*I already scored an internship but it is not paid and I need to make money for bills, etc., so I am keeping my eye out.
**The chef who will be cooking for the event is from Switzerland. I am excited.

Roommate H. and I are off to shop for roommate J's birthday gifts. Happy Monday!

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  1. What's it called when a giraffe gets a plane stuck in it's throat? Well, it's not busking.

    You should have taken a "not creepy" picture of the little cutie with the big curly hair who was in Aspen with us with her mom.